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    1. Stock Market in Lithuania

      Shares of the largest number of companies – 33 companies – were traded on the stock market of Lithuania.
    2. Lithuanian business ethic

      Lithuanian business ethic is not much different from their neighbours’ in Eastern Europe. However, as academics despite the fast-proceeding process of globalisation still keep producing books on national character it must have at least some impact on all spheres of life, business including.
    3. Business environment in Lithuania

      In the guidelines for Lithuania’s economic development, no branch of industry has been given special priority, however, a strategic decision was taken to promote innovation, investment in modern technologies and industries that create high added value.
    4. Real estate market of Lithuania

      Despite the development of the Lithuanian commercial property market was sluggish in 2011, there was a slight price increase.
    5. External trade of Lithuania

      The export of goods from Lithuania as befits the largest Baltic country, significantly exceeds that of its immediate neighbors and, like its neighbors, has show record high rates of growth.
    6. Foreign direct investment

      Lithuania is a country that is an example of the successful foreign direct investment attraction according to the annual review Global FDI Outlook Report 2011 by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development prepared in cooperation with the FDI Intelligence of The Financial Times.
    7. About Lithuania

      Lithuania is located on the eastern shore of the Baltic Sea, and it is the largest among three Baltic States in respect of population, territory and economy. Lithuania borders Latvia in the north, Byelorussia in the south-east, Poland in the south and Kaliningrad Region belonging to Russia in the south-west.
    8. Lithuanian tax system

      Lithuania, similarly to neighboring country Latvia, struggling with state budget deficit, started to undertake tax changes in 2012.
    9. Economy of Lithuania

      Lithuania is the largest of the Baltic States in terms of territory, number of inhabitants and size of economy. It was one of the fastest growing economies in Europe before the global crisis of 2008, but in 2011 it experienced one of the highest GDP growth in European Union.
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